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Author, Julie Dalley

Hello. If you are reading this page, you’ll want to know something about me, why I have this site, and what’s worth reading on my pages. I live and work in Northern New Jersey, and am currently the Assistant Director of the Research Academy for University Learning and an adjunct professor of First Year Writing at Montclair State University. I have a B.A. from Vermont College in Literature and English, and an M.A. in Writing Studies and English from Montclair State University. My undergraduate and graduate work have mainly focused on women’s representation in the literary world, especially in fictional narrative. I have studied the rhetoric of feminist criticism against the literary establishment, and continue to work in diversity programs here at MSU. I’ve been doing research on teaching and learning for almost nine years, and actively teaching at university for two years. My current research involves investigating the learning effects of using contemplative pedagogy as a primary teaching approach in college classrooms.

I am originally from Vermont, and that is where I go when I need more sanity and a slower pace in my life (so, lots). I don’t talk much, but am a good listener, and am interested in just about everything there is to know in the world. This site is to document my reading, writing, and research progress as I work towards earning my Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition. I hope to contribute earnestly to the literature and discussion on rhetorical studies, especially the intersection of rhetoric and fictional narrative.

I have three children, two grown (an 18 year-old step-daughter, and a 24 year-old son), as well as an almost-four year-old at home. We also have two kittens, Bo and Finn, who, in conspiracy with our 4 year-old, run the house.

Thanks for reading! Please be sure to send me your comments and suggestions as I navigate the scholarly world on these pages.

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